Our data security policy follows all national and state required regulations. All of our data is transferred and stored with end-to-end encryption. We NEVER SHARE your data with advertisers or third parties not involved in rate negotiation. We also never ask for information we will not expressly need.


Our data is secured with state-of-the-art storage technologies utilized by International Banks and Corporations and faces regular audits and security reviews. Our staff are seasoned professionals, trained and aware of malicious software and social engineering tactics.

The customized F2 Financial Fingerprint Platform is available at NO COST to you. We offer this platform for FREE to the consumer to help you organize and visualize where we can find you lower rates.

When we find you lower rates and you choose not to pursue them, you will still have unlimited access to the customized F2 Financial Fingerprint Platform.

When we find you lower rates, and you chose to move forward them, you would need to apply for the new product utilizing the lower rate and pay the premium due to the insurance company for the new policy. In addition, F2 Financial Freedom may make a small percentage off of the initial sale.

No other website was created with YOU in mind for the long term. F2 Financial Freedom, LLC,  is NOT a one-time, one product automatic quote system. You will not receive a quote the second after you enter your information into the computer. F2 utilizes the innovative technology platform we created to bring you the best rates from hundreds of companies, based on your specific needs.

We create a LONG TERM PARTNERSHIP with you. You enter your information ONE time into the F2 platform, and we update you for years to come with lower insurance and interest rates. You won’t have to shop around for lower insurance and loan rates EVER AGAIN.

With the innovative F2 Platform, you can be confident that you always have the lowest rate possible for the products that fit your needs. No more wasted time calling insurance companies every year! At F2, we work for YOU, not the insurance companies. We promise to work hard to save you time and money.